Organizational culture is the personality of the organization.  And the personality of QCA is best described as selfless.  QCA takes pride in making employees happy, encouraging innovation and creating a productive work environment.  Everyone is a leader at QCA, and all that’s really asked of employees is their best work at all times.

QCA believes leadership is about genuinely caring for the happiness of the people around you.  It’s about empowering those people to be leaders themselves, and challenging everyone to do their best thinking.

QCA is a company with values. It’s a company where the people feed off each other, making for a happy, productive and awesome work environment.

QCA hopes to inspire

We are all driven to be part of something big, something meaningful, and something that we can say we are responsible for.  Ultimately, it’s about giving everyone this sense of responsibility.  Responsibility challenges us.  It makes us better. 

At all times, it’s about being grateful.  And, at all times, it’s about