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Brian Hutchings Celebrates 10 Years with QCA

posted April 25, 2014 by Amanda

April 26 of 2014 marks a special day for QCA as it marks a 10 year anniversary with Central Florida Senior Associate Brian Hutchings.

With more than 16 years of experience in program management and business / customer relations, he is a seasoned marketing professional. Currently, he serves the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority with several projects including the SR 408 Widening and Improvements Projects and the SR 429 / SR 414 Interchange Project.

"Brian epitomizes the true QCA work ethic and team spirit, having served on some of our most high-profile contracts and all the while being such a pleasure to work with. His relationship building skills have served clients remarkably in his ability to communicate and build partnerships with community agencies and groups. His easy going, unflappable manner -- even while negotiating crises -- have made him not only an asset but a friend to all who know him," shared QCA Vice President of Turnpike & Expressway Services Mary Brooks. "Known as a get-it-done and go-to-guy, it's a tremendous relief to know that any task assigned to him - no matter how small or how large - will be carried out effectively and with gusto. Brian also has jumped in full force to his role as a senior account manager for the new QCA Turnpike and Expressway Services Division."

It has been a great 10 years, Brian! Here is to 10 more.

QCA Serves Tampa International Airport

posted April 24, 2014 by Amanda

Vice President Jill Cappadoro is proud to serve Tampa International Airport (TIA) on the development of its Sustainability Master Plan.

Managing the public involvement activities for this project, Jill is responsible for supporting meeting preparation for external and internal stakeholder groups, production of exhibit materials, developing summary notes, quality assurance / quality control of public information collateral, as well as developing and coordinating the staff sign-in sheets and staffing of the welcome table, and more.

Jill is responsible for formulating and implementing the strategic plan that guides QCA's Aviation Services Division nationwide. She specializes in achieving customer service excellence by anticipating and helping clients anticipate and respond to customer requirements by consistently measuring and meeting customer satisfaction goals for all lines of business. Jill's public sector profession spans 24 years. She has extensive experience in organizing public meetings, excellent communication skills, and has served as spokesperson representing numerous public sector agencies with media and Boards of Directors, including County Commission and City Council leadership.

The sustainability master plan will formalize a plan to build upon current sustainability initiatives, such as expanding compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fleet and increasing the use of reclaimed water, in addition to evaluating new innovations, such as alternative energy sources.

Perform Acts of Random Kindness with unite4:good

posted April 23, 2014 by Amanda

South Florida Associate Juliette Valencia joined PARK Project, a volunteer-driven organization spreading their message to "Perform Acts of Random Kindness," along with the Miami Dade College Institute for Civic Engagement and Democracy to organize the recent unite4:good luncheon at the Miami Dade College Wolfson Campus in Miami. Founder Anthony Melikhov, global philanthropist of unite4:good, invited attendees to learn about his global movement for humanity designed to create a worldwide environment of positivity and to inspire charitable engagement in communities around the globe.

Special guests included The American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and speaker PARK Project Founder and CEO Marly Quincoces. Juliette worked closely with the PARK Project team to "leave her mark and PARK" by facilitating speakers' presentations, assisting with attendee registration and photographing the inspirational event. The PARK Project team was surprised with the Non-Profit Host Organization Award at the end of the ceremony for their hard work and participation. "I truly enjoy working for QCA because my company encourages us to volunteer in community events. It is always fulfilling to take part in a great cause."

Making a Difference with Metropolitan Ministries

posted April 10, 2014 by Amanda

One of QCA's core philosophies is to give back to our community and support those on the road to recovery. In addition to volunteering our time to a worthy cause at least once a quarter, we are also committed to providing a financial contribution to an organization that seeks to change the world for the better.

As part of our commitment, QCA recently donated to the Metropolitan Ministries whose mission is, "to care for the homeless and those at risk of becoming homeless in our community through services that alleviate suffering, promote dignity and instill self-sufficiency."

FTE PD&E Study in Osceola and Orange Counties

posted April 9, 2014 by Amanda

Vice President Mary Brooks is supporting Kimley-Horn and Associates in conducting a Project Development and Environment (PD&E) study for the Florida's Turnpike Enterprise (FTE) in Osceola and Orange Counties. As the head of QCA's Turnpike and Expressway Services Division, Mary is responsible for ensuring QCA provides the proper resources to support Kimley-Horn's public involvement program tasks which include public meeting coordination, translating study documents into Spanish and more.

The PD&E study is evaluating alternatives for the extension of Osceola Parkway, from west of Boggy Creek Road to the proposed Northeast Connector Parkway, as well as looking at alternatives for a north-south, system-to-system connection from the Osceola Parkway Extension to SR 417 in the vicinity of Boggy Creek Road.

Mary brings to this study more than 25 years of in-depth experience in developing and implementing public involvement and community outreach strategies and has served on various toll agency projects for FTE, Tampa Hillsborough Expressway Authority and Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority.

"QCA enjoys our great working relationships with Kimley-Horn and the Turnpike," shared Mary. "It's truly exciting to be part of such a robust study that is looking at some really pressing mobility needs in this fast growing area."